Posted on October 17, 2022 at 3:00 am

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Tejasswi Prakash on social media – “ I’d like to keep on spreading positive messages out there”

With the advent of OTT and social media platforms, gone are the days that our fav celebs would only be seen at promos and interviews.

Photo courtesy Tejasswi Instagram
Photo courtesy Tejasswi Instagram

Now they are at your fingertips as most celebrities like to connect and keep in touch with their fans through social media.


Actress Tejaswwi Prakash is one such celebrity that actively uses various social media platforms. He has also recently won an award for being a socially influential youth icon.


The star who won the Lions Gold ‘Social Media Sensation’ award recently said,


“Social Media is one platform where you can show, along with your art, what you really are.It is a platform for my self expression. And people follow me there and love what I do. It is simply amazing. And I’d like to keep on spreading positive messages out there…What I am, I can show. And I really appreciate that.”


Such empowering words by the diva got a lot of love and appreciation from her fans. But what is her secret to such social media fame and fanbase?



Even though the actress is quite famous for her iconic TV roles. As well as her Reality TV stunts, Tejasswi is actually famous on social media for just being herself.


From glamour shots to cute dance videos to popular reels to wholesome family pictures, her instagram is her form of expression.


The star doesn’t shy away from being her comedic and witty self in her captions and posts.


Most of all, her content is very relatable and makes the viewer feel closer to the celebrity. This is the biggest reason her fans shower her with their love and appreciation.

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