Posted on October 31, 2022 at 12:16 am

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Netizens compared Gautam Singh Vig with late Sidharth Shukla, Read to know why!

Bigg Boss 16 is the entire package of full entertainment and audiences are getting their full dose of it. And today’s episode was a bit harsh on everyone.

Photo courtesy Gautam team
Photo courtesy Gautam team


So, it all started when host Salman Khan asked Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia if she would get a chance to move into Shiv’s room of 5 provided she takes more than half the ration of the room she is living in right now with her but she refuses.


The same offer is given to Gautam Singh Vig but the stakes are increased. Gautam has to sacrifice the ration of everyone for the week if he wants to be a captain.


Gautam first said no then Salman asks him to think again. Gautam seemed in a fix but he eventually gave it a thought and accepted their condition. It left everyone stunned who retaliated to Gautam’s decision in their way.


He wanted to change his decision but stood by it when Salman Khan asked him to stand his ground. Host Salman Khan also said that nobody is his friend not even Soundarya because everybody is playing just for themselves.


After the episode, netizens came in support of Gautam and some of them compared him with the Ex-Bigg Boss winners Gautam Gulati and Sidharth Shukla.


A Twitterati wrote,


‘Gautam Bhai ko ULTIMATE CHANCE Mila hai.. Gautam Gulati banne hai.. Hope he uses it perfectly.

The other comment was one of the best comments and the most nostalgic ones,


‘Aaj sid ki yaad aa gayi…kash aaj Gautam bhi Sid jaise bol deta.
When Sidhath said, 1 2 3….12 13 sab bhad main jao mujhe koi farak nhi padta and main akela hi hun mujh akele se fat ti hai tum sabki. Bhaad main jao main tum logo se rishta banae bhi aaya hun’.

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