Posted on October 12, 2022 at 4:00 am

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Melvin Louis opens up about Dussehra celebrations

Melvin Louis, the dance king of Bollywood loves the Navratri festival and all the more Dussehra as they awake his inner dance strength.

Photo courtesy Melvin team
Photo courtesy Melvin team


This year, he even visited Kolkata to witness the magical Durga Puja.


Both festivals known for their garba and dandiya, are enjoyed by the Choreographer to the fullest and many celebrities flock to him for latest garba moves.


He said,


”I love to celebrate Dussehra at home, with family and friends.The significance of this festival, reminds us that ultimately ‘good triumphs over evil’. It was a great experience being in Kolkata to witness the Durga Puja and I had an awesome time. I went Pandal hopping, ate lots of amazing Kolkata food and just had fun throughout.”


He goes on to wish all a Happy Dussehra,


“As Lord Shri Ram killed Ravana and as Maa Durga kills Mahish-asura, May these good-over-evil tales. Inspire u towards ur own victories..!!! Happy Dussehra to one and All! Wishing everyone peace and good health. May this Dussehra remove all sorrows and difficulties and win over evil. May the triumphs of goodness give you the courarge to be good and spread the energy of the pure souls to everyone. May the Goddess bless you and in every way.”

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