Posted on October 11, 2022 at 4:00 am

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‘Kids need to learn benefits of Mental Health from a young age’, says Kanika Dhillon

Yesterday On World’s Mental Health day, Kanika Dhillon joined the discussion with and Ronit Ranjan who has started a petition to include a non-graded curriculum in schools on Mental health.

Photo courtesy Kanika team
Photo courtesy Kanika team

His story of battling depression and now sensitising the country about it resonated with Kanika Dhillon. She is not only writer/producer but also a working mom.

Kanika Dhillon who is known for always keeping her opinions, characters and voice fierce and strong.


She speaks about the public space and social media that have normalised negativity and trolls so openly.


This has taken a toll on her mental health because of her choice of scripts, characterizations. Such as Manmarziyaan, Kedarnath, Guilty and many more. After a point of time she said, she had to let go of the trolls and did not take it to heart.


She wishes well to all the people who don’t understand her point of view. That is why she quoted that,


“It’s important to teach our kids from a young age the importance of Mental Health.” Apart from academic life, they know how to cope with things that are not in control, with ups and downs of life and it’s very important.

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