Posted on October 14, 2022 at 5:02 am

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Gautam Singh Vig yet again proves his unbiased decision-making

India’s most entertaining and controversial show enters its second week. A lot of changes had happened right from the start of the season till now.

Photo courtesy Gautam Singh Vig
Photo courtesy Gautam Singh Vig


One among them is the appointment of Gautam Singh Vig who is the new captain of the house.


In yesterday’s episode too, Captain Gautam Singh Vig was again put in a situation where he had to take a decision of nominating four contestants who will be directly elected in the elimination process. This included MC Stan, Gori Nagori, Tina Dutta and Srijita.


Gautam Singh Vig entered the kitchen area and saw a fight that happened between Gori and Srijita. While others who were not in the fight also came ahead supporting their favorite mates. The fight included derogatory language used by Srijita and Tina to which MC Stan and Nagori had reacted. While Sumbul , Nimrit and few others were also in the fight. Gautam when called by Bigg Boss had an option of nominating only four. The decision was tough but Gautam being the captain yet again proved to be a person who is unbiased.


A lot of praises started to pour out for the fearless captain. A viewer who is also a fan of Gautam Singh Vig tweeted, #GautamVig Today Played Liked A Fire. He Is Ruling In Captaincy. It’s Proved He is a Fair Captain.’
While the other one tweeted, ‘He is ruling in today episode, a fair captain he proved and proving it, everyone is happy with his Captaincy, when all are fighting he is calming everyone, he nominates fairly.’


Will Gautam be able to continue his good run being a captain of the house? It will be fun and exciting to see what all things unfold in the upcoming episodes.

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