Posted on October 17, 2022 at 3:15 am

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Gautam Singh Vig and Ankit Gupta took a much needed stand for Sumbul

There might be a gazillion television shows, but Bigg Boss will always be the most adorable desi show out there, which you will end up watching. It has something quite interesting that makes each of its viewers wait eagerly for the next episode.


As the show began we saw a range of many shocking revelations one following through with another task that turns out to be the backbiters’ nightmare.

In the recent Shukravaar ka Vaar episode we saw Sumbul’s father enter the house through MeTV and revealed some shocking secrets about Tina and Shalin. Sumbul’s father advised the duo not to play a dirty game with her. Her father also thanked Gautam, Ankit and others for supporting her in the show.

Whereas Shalin and Tina, in the washroom, looked unhappy with the entire fiasco that happened during the show. While Ankit and Gautam were there to support and stand with Simbul. Also, Ankit and Gautam are very good friends with Shalin and Tina but still, these two people in the house stood up for the right. In fact, Sumbul’s father also thanked them and said that they always supported her in every Thick and thin.

The audience already sees both of them on the winning stages, so let’s see who will be going to survive in this journey called Bigg Boss!


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