Posted on September 28, 2022 at 3:29 am

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Nikita Rawal celebrates the spirit of Navratri, collaborates with new designers

With Navratri fervour in full swing, Garba enthusiasts across the country are gearing up in colourful ghagras, racy-cut cholis and gorgeous ethnic jewelry.

Photo courtesy Nikita team
Photo courtesy Nikita team

Navratri has begun and this time the festival will be celebrated in full energy and enthusiasm. The festival brings with itself a different level of joy and beat in the air, infecting people of all ages.

For some though, it is a celebration of colours and fashion. Actress Nikita Rawal is a fashion queen and the advent of Navratri brings for her a chance to explore that wardrobe and style herself in the best of designs. She prefers to bring in styles that can be easily followed by her fans and comes up with wearable fashion trends. Rawal also takes the opportunity to get in touch with new designers in this occasion.


Nikita Rawal shares her feelings surrounding the biggest dance festival of the world,


“I love Navratri because of its high energy and so much to do and wear. I wait for these 9 nights to boost my wardrobe and get dressed in amazing colorful fabrics. Since each year is different, I try to get in sync with different designers to change the palate of variation.”


She also goes on to say,


”Navratri is a very pure and joyous occasion that brings the family together. It is all about dance and colours, which I love the most! I wish everyone a happy Navratri and hope that the colors spread in each and everyone’s lives.”

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