Posted on July 17, 2022 at 10:40 pm

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Yohani wants to collaborate with Ranveer Singh

Singer-composer Yohani who shifts her base to India has opened up about her upcoming projects in Bollywood.

Yohani wants to collaborate with Ranveer Singh
Yohani wants to collaborate with Ranveer Singh

The talented singer who hails from Srilanka admitted in her interviews that she wasn’t expecting ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ to be such a hit.

She also claimed that the recording and everything else were quite simple and they ended up doing it just for fun.

Yohani is also a rapper. When she watched, ‘Gully Boy’ she was impressed to see the raw talent coming up.
Let me tell you that, it is Yohani’s one of her favorite film. She was mesmerized to see Ranveer Singh be so natural on screen. She legit felt like, he was a rapper in true life.

In a recent interview, Yohani revealed that she would love to do a Rap song with Badshah. It is by featuring the powerhouse of Bollywood Ranveer Singh. She said,

Ranveer Singh is the powerhouse of the energy and i think he will be the perfect one to feature in a rap song. I have done many raps in Srilanka and i am really looking forward to do one in Hindi. I would love to do a collaboration with Badshah and feature Ranveer Singh in it”.

Well, Yohani has already thrown in a lot of surprises. It will be a moment to watch out for when the dynamic stars like Ranveer, Badshaah and Yohani would be seen together!

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