Posted on July 10, 2022 at 12:55 pm

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Utpal’s The 14th February And Beyond To Be Premiered At Comic Con

Utpal Kalal’s ‘The 14th February And Beyond’ to be premiered at Comic Con

Utpal Kalal’s ‘The 14th February And Beyond’ to be premiered at Comic Con

Indian documentary film The 14 th February & Beyond directed by Utpal Kalal will be premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con’s special film program Comic-Con Independent Film Festival on July 21 st . The film has been selected for the main competition alongside 50 films, from 7 different pop culture genres including Action/Adventure, Animation, Comics-Oriented, Documentary (Pop Culture-Oriented), Horror/Suspense, Humour, and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

The 14 th February & Beyond is the first-ever and most up-close look into Valentine’s Day. The film exposes the strange face of this global love fest; how it’s been twisted as a result of consumerism and capitalism, and its impact on the mental health of our society. The film also reveals the shocking facts about the commercialization of Valentine’s Day – the spending and traditions that have been overlooked. The film brings a full view of the subject through
various experts in this eye-opening narrative and shows how this over-hyped day is now a catalyst for negative behaviors, fuelled by consumerism.

This film has achieved several awards nationally and internationally and got premiered in more than 14 countries. The notable selection includes; the Indian Panorama selection of the International Film Festival of India by Govt of India, Youth Vision Award Nomination at the Millenium International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium, and Best Documentary award at the
Riverside International Film Festival, California. 

The film features appearances of eminent intellectuals like Dr Sudhir Bhave (Professor, Department of Psychiatry, NKP Salve Institute), Prof. Laurie Essig(Middlebury College), President Bill Clinton (Archival), Vjay Phanshikar (Senior Journlist) Nityananda Misra (Finance Professional & Author), Namita Singh(Activist, Boston, USA), Shilpa Agrawal (Psychologist) and Rajiv Malhotra (Indian American Author).

‘’I’m so delighted and proud that for the first time an Indian documentary film is going to be played at the Comic-Con as part of their film festival. The film gives a strong message, don’t be easy prey for corporates and propagandists who manipulate human behavior for profit’’ -Director & Produce, Utpal Kalal.

The film is in competition with 49 other films from various countries, including Canada, Germany, Greece, Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, and the United States and it will be screened on Thursday, 21 st July at the Comic-Con International, San Diego Marriot Marquis, followed by a panel with film’s director and cast.

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