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Soumita Completes 365 Trips More Riding Chart Of Popularity

Soumita Completes 365 Trips More Riding Chart Of Popularity

Soumita Completes 365 Trips More Riding Chart Of Popularity

Singing sensation Soumita Saha completes 365 rides more on 17th July 2022, she is one such name who has been riding the popularity charts with her talent. Know for Indo-French experimental work on Tagore and representing India in various art events across the globe Soumita has constantly been in the limelight for her breathtaking voice and amazing performances. She was also given the title of ‘Justin Bieber of Kolkata’. She is one of those performers who has worked under International record labels as well. Her debut album was a massive hit and since then she has not looked back. After the success of her song “Ishq”, she is fondly dubbed as IShq Girl. The Ishq singer has been busy with her current project Vande Mataram lately. Her birthday week started on a very very exciting note as she paints “Bharat Mata”.
On her birthday the young singer posts a fabulous message of self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Soumita is known for her memorable contribution to the field of Rabindrasangeet. She is one of the most celebrated young Tagore song exponents dwelling in the city of joy. India’s niche of Tagore Music ‘Soumita’ is not just a popular vocalist but also known for International collaborations. She is the pioneer of Indo-French Collaboration work that took place based on Tagore. Soumita joined hands with French musician Greg Sauzet to make such revolutionary things happen.

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Soumita is not only a popular name in Tollywood’s music industry but also a popular name in the niche of Art. Her paintings were not only get Exhibited in India but also Abroad one of her Paintings “Conscience of India” was Exhibited at Portland’s Art Reach Gallery. Recently the songbird made it to the news having organized solo Exhibitions “Envisaging Michael” and ” Ruminating Frida “. Envisaging Michael is a Solo Virtual Exhibition where she paid tribute to Michael Jackson and Ruminating Frida was live from 6th July ( Frida’s Birthday) to 13th July ( her Death Anniversary). After Frida’s birthday tribute she organized the solo exhibition “Shyama” which was not just an ode to the goddess but also had a message of protest. One of the paintings showed the goddess Kali and a normal girl on the other end of a fairness cream tube. Thus her exhibition Shyama had spirituality and a social message against colorism too.

2021-2022 proved to be a happening year for the singing sensation as she added another gem to the crown of her prosperity having launched her own record label ‘Melotunes’. Not only did she enter entrepreneurship Soumita got engaged to beau Agniv Chatterjee.

According to a close source, the couple has got their legal marriage procedure done and looking forward to their impending social nupitals. Soumita’s official change to becoming ‘Soumita Saha Chatterjee’ has not yet been confirmed.

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