Posted on July 20, 2022 at 2:00 am

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Palak Muchhal’s love ballad ‘Muskuraa Lena Tum’ ft. Zain Imam and Sana Khan

Vinod Bhanushali’s music label HITZ Music is out with a heartbreaking love ballad ‘Muskuraa Lena Tum’ with soulful vocals by the melodious Palak Muchhal.

Palak Muchhal's love ballad 'Muskuraa Lena Tum' ft. Zain Imam and Sana Khan
Palak Muchhal’s love ballad ‘Muskuraa Lena Tum’ ft. Zain Imam and Sana Khan


Featuring TV’s romantic hero Zain Imam and the beautiful Sana Khan. The melancholic track is guaranteed to pull at your heart strings.


Composed by Shameer Tandon, with lyrics by Priyanka R Bala, ‘Muskuraa Lena Tum’ directed by Nitin FCP takes audiences through a story between lovers and the void that’s created in the absence of the other.


Says singer Palak Muchhal,


“I always like singing songs that require me to express emotionally , because I feel such songs find a deep connect with the listeners! The composition by Shameer Sir and the words by Priyanka instantly touched my heart.”


Says Zain Imam,


“There is so much in this music video and it’s filled with visual elements, from a grand palace, dancing in the rain, the sweet romantic moments to a shocking and painful twist – I’m confident it will leave audiences hooked.”


Adds Sana Khan,


“I play a big-city artist and so had these really great, versatile and glamourous looks in the song. Zain and I really went with the flow and committed to these characters and I hope people like our chemistry in Muskuraa Lena Tum.”



Says producer Vinod Bhanushali,


Muskuraa Lena Tum is a beautiful track with a deep meaning behind it, which someone in love will relate to. Palak yet again gives us another soulful song and the chemistry between Zain and Sana will be a treat for their fans. Shameer and Priyanka have given us a song that strikes your heart’s chords.


‘Muskuraa Lena Tum’ is out now on HITZ Music’s YouTube channel.

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