Posted on June 24, 2022 at 3:00 am

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Shamshera Trailer: Sanjay Dutt, and Ranbir Kapoor battle is a must watch!

‘Shamshera’ movie stars Ranbir Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Vaani Kapoor will launch YRF’s flick launched the trailer across three cities.

Shamshera Trailer: Sanjay Dutt, and Ranbir Kapoor battle is a must watch!
Shamshera Trailer: Sanjay Dutt, and Ranbir Kapoor battle is a must watch!

The trailer shows Ranbir Kapoor as a dacoit, the protector of his tribe and a son fulfilling his father’s legacy. The actor is seen in a dual role in the film. Sanjay Dutt plays his rival, the evil Daroga Shuddh Singh.

Vaani Kapoor looks gorgeous as the golden girl in this Yash Raj Film production. The film, which was postponed several times, is now releasing on July 22.

Check out the trailer here: 


Ranbir is playing a larger-than-life cinematic Hindi film hero for the first time in this grand action entertainer. According to him,

“I really wish my father was alive to see this film. He has always been blatantly honest about his criticism if he has liked something or not liked something, especially with my work. So, it’s sad that he’s not going to see it. But I am really excited that I got to do a film like this and I hope that somewhere up there he is looking out for me and he is proud of me.”

Ranbir says Shamshera is his attempt to speak to a pan Indian audience. He says,


“I definitely want to grow as an actor and a star and Shamshera definitely is a positive step towards that. You want to make films for a larger audience. You want to tell stories that different generations of audience can connect to and can get entertained.”


Vaani says,


“I play the character of Sona, the most sought after travelling performer of India in the 1800’s. I have always chosen roles where my character pivots the script in a certain direction and in Shamshera too, Sona plays an important role in building the narrative. I’m thankful to Karan Malhotra for seeing me in this role. He held my hand at every step of the way and guided me to bring Sona to life.”


About her character, Vaani reveals,


“Sona has a strong will power, she’s confident, a go getter yet has her own emotional vulnerabilities. She’s definitely one of the most refreshing characters I have played on screen. I’m amazing teaming up with Ranbir Kapoor – a powerhouse of talent. He’s truly a very special actor and my personal favourite.”



Sanjay says,


“It is always exciting to play the antagonist because you get to bend the rules, break the rules. I realised that when you play the antagonist, there are actually impositions or moral boundaries. You can be disruptive. You can take a character from paper and play it the way you want to. I have a lot of fun when I play an antagonist and I’m fortunate that people have loved my performances as the nemesis of a hero so far.”


Sanjay has won unanimous praise for his spine-chilling act in Shamshera after the teaser of the film went viral! He says,


“Shudh Singh is a character that you have never seen on screen. He is just pure evil. He is menacing, he is untrustworthy and he will go to any length to wreak havoc. I loved the fact that Karan Malhotra created a villain like this and he thought of me to play this role. He gave me a free hand to bring Shudh Singh to life and I hope people like my effort.”


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