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Sandy Dosanjh A Alpha Female Kicking It In The World Of Fitness

Sandy Dosanjh A Alpha Female Kicking It In The World Of Fitness

Sandy Dosanjh A Alpha Female Kicking It In The World Of Fitness

Sandy is no average woman. In today’s busy world Sandy Dosanjh is kicking it! Mother of two boys Sandy has created her legacy in the world of bodybuilding. Becoming a professional bodybuilder is not just an expensive hobby, but also requires a lot of motivation. Sandy has achieved these results through her commitment and resilience. Let’s find out more about her journey ……

As a youth, I remember in vivid detail walking on narrow dirt paths parallel to the mustard seed fields, where my family grew its crops. The early morning sun would spread its golden rays through the tree tops, bathing the earth, while I would just focus on keeping my balance and not getting my pure white cotton school uniform dirty from specks of mud. This was my beginning.

Little did I know those narrow dirt paths would gradually change into multi-lane highways, my school bag would get replaced with a gym bag, and my white school uniform would become sports athletic wear. My dad passed away when I was 10 years old. I was too young to process that loss until later in life. It left a void I could never really fill. I poured myself into my studies, perhaps as a means of distraction. My grades were always impeccable lol, paving the path to enter University, where I went to complete my Masters in Economics.

It's been said that tradition carves the path, and culture ensures we follow. As such, an appropriate suitor was found from Canada by my family, and a brief meeting was arranged. The day arrived, and the background was chosen as a small restaurant hidden among a cluster of shop fronts located in the hustle and bustle of Nakodar (State of Punjab), India. My future husband arrived with his family. I had been adequately prepared over the years that this moment would come, and as such the anticipation was gone. My family was liberal and educated enough to provide me the option of saying no if I did not believe that the suitor was appropriate for me. Seems like a strange thing to say, but this reality still exists in India to this day, and will most likely to exist for decades.

Kal and I met that fateful day for a total of 15 minutes, we both agreed and were married later that week. Here we stand today, 18 years later, with two kids. In between the journey has been nothing short of miraculous. Kal has a powerlifting and bodybuilding background and suggested I start the gym upon arriving in Canada. I remember going the first day, walking the treadmill, and crying for the rest of the day because my muscles were sore. I had never worked out a day in my life and did not play sports, or any other physical activity. My outlet was always studying, reading books, going shopping, or eating ‘Gol Gappa’ (Indian delicacy) with friends from street vendors. Day after day Kal would take me, and my response was always the same, “I am not interested”. Nonetheless, he persisted, and I relented.

As my body began to transition, my first was born, which led me to gain 60 lbs. As I began to recover from that I began exploring the gym again. As I began to notice steady small improvements in my physique, again I got pregnant and added on another 20lbs, with a grand total of 80 lbs of excess weight.

After the birth of my second, I now needed to lose the pregnancy weight, which had resulted in multiple medical issues. I knew that for the sake of my children, I needed to get back to a healthy weight. My fitness journey began with a humble attempt to lose weight, but the walks on the treadmill turned to jogs, and the jogs turned to sprints. My fear of lifting weights disappeared and iron became life.

As the muscle striations appeared, and my definition sharpened, there was much encouragement from family and friends that I should take my competitive drive to the next level. The entire territory of bodybuilding competitions was foreign to me. As intimidation set in, along with it came self-doubt, namely, how does a girl born and raised in a small village in a remote part of Punjab, step on stage with remarkable competitors, who have dedicated their entire lives to this sport? The answer lay within this question. That I must.

I grew up in a culture where a vast disparity of expectations existed. Sports or any form of physical activity was considered for boys, while our personal ambitions were cast aside. I realized this was my moment to become the voice of others and inspire future generations that all dreams are within their grasp, but sometimes it meant challenging social norms.

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