Posted on June 9, 2022 at 4:05 am

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Nora Fatehi’s next international single ‘Dirty Little Secret’ out now!

You’ve been dying to find out Nora Fatehi’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and won’t have to wait any longer as the international single is out now.

Nora Fatehi’s next international single ‘Dirty Little Secret’ out now
Nora Fatehi’s next international single ‘Dirty Little Secret’ out now!


Also featuring UK artist Zach Knight, the up-tempo track sung. It is directed and produced by Nora is a next-level music video.


It is inspired by global pop-culture, with ground-breaking sounds, cutting-edge visuals and breakthrough choreography.


A game-changer in the truest sense of the word, Nora Fatehi who redefined the entertainment business. It has consistently represented cross cultures from around the world.


‘Dirty Little Secret’ is another one of her endeavours that does exactly that. While reflecting her modern, out-of-the-box and edgy sensibility.


Another highlight in the track are the versatile looks the international artist sports, all of which are avant-garde and revolutionary.



Everything Nora does, she does in inimitable style and ‘Dirty Little Secret’ promises to be a visual treat like none other.


Talking about the song, Nora Fatehi says,


“As an artist, I’m constantly looking to push the envelope and raise the bar for myself. ‘Dirty Little Secret’ is really close to my heart and a track that allowed me to pursue my passions behind the camera and in front of it. It’s fiery, fierce, ballsy and a track I personally connect with as an audience.”



Nora Fatehi’s ‘Dirty Little Secret’ feat Zach Knight is out now on Nora’s official YouTube channel.

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