Posted on June 14, 2022 at 4:16 am

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Nora fatehi turns director on ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Global artist Nora Fatehi’s 3rd international song as a singer/producer and now director, ‘Dirty Little Secret’.

Nora fatehi turns director on 'Dirty Little Secret'
Nora fatehi turns director on ‘Dirty Little Secret’


It has cemented its position as the dance anthem of the year! The up-tempo track. Also featuring UK artist Zach Knight has already crossed the 7 million mark. On her independent YouTube channel and gains momentum with every passing day.


Interestingly, ‘Dirty Little Secret’ marks the multi-talented Nora’s foray into direction, reflecting her modern, artistic, and international sensibility.


The icon, who is also the most followed Arab-African artist in the world, is all about ‘representation’ and her vision as a director too is inspired by global pop-culture and cross-cultural influence; which is evident from the next-level music video of ‘Dirty Little Secret’.


From ground-breaking sounds, cutting-edge visuals, symbolism shots and breakthrough choreography, every frame of the track stands out for being distinct, impeccable and stylish.


Whether it’s her performances or fashion trends she sets, the game-changer who redefined the entertainment business has always slayed everything she takes on and consistently raises the bar. With ‘Dirty Little Secret’ Nora dons many hats and does them in style.


Talking about her directorial debut Nora Fatehi says,


“As an artist I’m always hungry to take on more. While I was working on ‘Dirty Little Secret’. Iwanted to create a video full of symbolism that would need to be decoded in order to understand the screenplay. I could already envision the track in my mind, I knew what I wanted to convey via symbolism and I just went for it. Every set up, every costume change, every moment, everything in the video has a meaning to it, that one would need to carefully decode. It was definitely challenging, but so incredibly gratifying to see how it turned out. The immense love, it has received makes it all worth it.”



Watch Nora Fatehi’s Dirty Little Secret only on her official YouTube channel.

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