Posted on June 17, 2022 at 11:06 pm

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Nitika Gujral SS 2022 Collection “Lāsya”

Inspired By Tradition, Infused With Intricacy

With over 2 decades of experience in designing bespoke breath-taking couture ensembles for their discerning clientele, Nitika Gujral’s new collection delivers unparalleled merchandising wizardry for summer weddings and post-pandemic extravaganzas. 
Each thread is meticulously woven to create a story that exudes and exemplifies who you are. The pursuit of beauty and perfection coupled with an innate sartorial elegance has always defined their creations. From pastel hues to bright colors, the latest range is balanced, as all things should be, to awe and make you the center of conversation no matter where you go. The brand’s approach to the material is truly what sets it apart. Comfort is a chief selling point.

About the Collection

Lāsya Collection – “Lāsya” the dance of the goddess Parvati, the divine  Mother of the Universe, is the inspiration behind this collection   The sheer joy of new creation as she weaves myriad patterns out of the formless is reflected in our present offering that is evocative of that abundance of color,  shape, and nuance of Nature…the streak of silver in the early morning mist, the blush of dawn as she steals from Night’s side, the glints of gold of dappled sunlight falling on verdant greens, the endless azure of the arching heavens, the fiery colors of the setting sun and the shimmering swathes of the midnight sky–everywhere one turns one can see her heralding a new hope to a world that is now emerging from the pale and gloom of the pandemic.

“Through our collection we celebrate craft and creativity empowering our community and urging our traditional culture forward”  – Nitika Gujral
Nitika Gujral SS 2022 Collection "Lāsya"

Prized for their versatility, durability, aesthetics, and links to powerful cultural archetypes, their consumers are primarily American and European buyers who enjoy eccentric, glamorous, and avant-garde designs. The brand celebrates local artisanship, championing the next generation of Made in India designs with women asserting themselves at the core of the design process.

About the brand

Nitika Gujral’s journey with designing clothes started almost four decades back while she was still in high school and held her first exhibition for family and friends. Making clothes has been a part of her life ever since.

There were no fashion schools to train with when she started. She has learned about various crafts and techniques from the master craftsmen that she worked alongside in order to transform her vision into ensembles for her clients.
Inspired By Tradition, Infused With Intricacy
As fashion evolved over the decades so did the need to constantly acquire knowledge to keep her product contemporary.

However,  through all the change, there has been a constant that has been the hallmark of her brand.  The pursuit of beauty and perfection coupled with an innate sartorial elegance has always defined her creations.

An ability to engage with clients patiently to create bespoke garments that reflect their persona for their special occasions is what has created a loyal client base for this brand.
Nitika Gujral SS 2022 Collection "Lāsya"
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