Posted on June 1, 2022 at 7:52 am

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Bushra Shaikh joins Mahima Gupta for EORTV’s ’Decoupled’

Bushra Shaikh and Gandii Baat actress Mahima Gupta have been signed by Suryansh Film and TV and Waterfowl Media. For EORTV’s next original series.

Bushra Shaikh joins Mahima Gupta for EORTV’s ’Decoupled’
Bushra Shaikh joins Mahima Gupta for EORTV’s ’Decoupled’


EORTV is India’s First LGBTQ focused platform and their next series titled as Yours Lovingly. It will be directed by Digvijay Singh.


The story will talk about the dynamics of a same sex relationship between the two leading actresses. The one will be playing the roles of Kalyani and Ankur respectively.

As per sources, the series has a strong ensemble cast. We are awaiting to hear from the production house for the remaining star cast announcements.

Mahima Gupta said,


“I play the role of Ankur in this series and it was quite challenging to understand the character as its way different from the real me. Ankur is athletic, lesbian and has faced confidence issues since beginning. She is short tempered and very assertive of her views and opinions. That’s one thing I could easily relate to. As an actor, this role has definitely pushed me to the edge and I am thankful to be working with a wonderful and extremely talented cast and crew.”


Deepak Pandey, Founder EORTV and the Creative Director said,


 “We are expanding our slate with every passing day, be it production houses, talents, writers and directors, our EORTV family is ever growing. Yours Lovingly is a story of a couple who happen to be of same sex and it is extremely nuanced. A same sex relationship is always far more challenging, they are dealing with regular couple issues and a layer of societal acceptance. So here it’s far more complex than interpersonal dynamics or family issues. Whatever we do, our work will always be towards moulding and shaping public opinion and strive towards inclusion. Yours Lovingly is also a step in the same direction.Whether I direct or we collaborate with someone else our vision will always be aligned to this”.


EORTV is a premium video streaming app that offers thousands of hours of premium, exclusive and original content.


Users can view Web series, Music videos, LGBTQ originals and short videos. The app focuses on making content which caters to the careworn community in the society.

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