Posted on May 23, 2022 at 7:57 am

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Sneha Wagh is the new #GirlinHeels

Sneha Wagh is the new #GirlinHeels, brings a fresh feel to dancing in heels on social media.



Bigg Boss Marathi star Sneha Wagh is the new #GirlsInHeels on instagram.


Taking her love for dancing one step forward, Sneha can be seen dancing to famous dance number ‘Ghungroo’ in a peach pair of heels.

Captioning the dance video aptly, Sneha said,”They say watch a woman walk in heels, I say watch her walk in dance in heels! So all of you know I love to dance, but now comes the challenge of dancing only and only in heels! So here is #GirlInHeels!”.

While girls usually complain of let alone dancing but barely being able to walk in a pair of heels.


Sneha has given a new definition to dancing in heels with her first ever ‘heels wala dance performance’.



The young actress truly seems to be enjoying dancing in her favourite pair of heels and she seems to be the one who will create a new trend altogether to show girls that dancing in heels can be fun!

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