Posted on May 22, 2022 at 1:44 am

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Anik Dutta’s Film ‘Aparajito’ To Be Screened At TIFF

Anik Dutta’s Film ‘Aparajito’ To Be Screened At Toronto International Film Festival

Anik Dutta’s Film ‘Aparajito’ To Be Screened At Toronto International Film Festival

Anik Dutta’s film ‘Aparajito’, the film that became the talk of the town traces Satyajit Ray’s journey during the making of the classic ‘Pather Panchali’ and has received an overwhelming response from the audience and critics since its release last week. Such is the Ray tribute film’s acceptance among all that it has received a staggering 9.2 rating from IMDB.
‘Aparajito’ had a special screening in Mumbai on May 2, and earned praise from iconic film personalities like Shyam Benegal.

The nostalgia of Satyajit Ray, the supreme direction from Anik, and Jeetu Kamal’s stellar performance have done the magic for ‘Aparajito’. Iconic filmmaker Shyam Benegal has also heaped praise on the film.

Dutta’s latest film is doing unprecedentedly amazing in Kolkata and across Bengal grasping back-to-back houseful shows. Even the film is doing exeptionally well in Mumbai as well with an impressive theatre run. However, after its release ‘Aparajito’ surprisingly found no slot in West Bengal state government-run auditoriums of Nandan and Cinema Centenary Building and it led to a social media uproar. Aparajito is roaring 5 continuous days of Housefull, the movie has been scheduled to release worldwide. Bengali director Anik Dutta’s new movie ‘Aparajito’ (The Undefeated), a tribute to legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray, will be screened at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival later this year. Producer Firdausal Hasan said that he has been informed by the directorate of the Toronto International Film Festival that ‘Aparajito’ has been selected for screening, which is “a big honor”. The film festival is slated to be held from September 8-22.

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