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Music Release: Jhalli unveils “The Sound of Rebellion” Out Now!

Jhalli – Why Should I?

Music Release - Jhalli unveils "The Sound of Rebellion" Out Now!

Thrilling, unapologetic and liberated, ‘Why Should I’ is an anthem for women to call the shots and talk about exactly what they want”

Jhalli – “The Sound of Rebellion”. Come join us in Jhalli’s extraordinary journey, where she finds herself encapsulated turning every vulnerability into an advantage. Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Jhalli began writing songs at the age of 13. Jhalli‘s tunes are fierce, emotional, and racy. Having waited so long to create an identity for her music, Jhalli has finally released her ferocious new EP, ‘Why Should I?’ 

Similarly, every Facet of Jhalli’s music is powerful and enchanting, the sound she was hoping to bring to her EP. Her grandmother’s independent spirit is the inspiration for Jhalli‘s EP. “Why Should I?” showcases Jhalli’s unique blend of soulful, rock, and modern pop. The EP – a mosaic of styles guided by influences from her inner voice, the women around her, and the power of femininity. 

Music Release - Jhalli unveils "The Sound of Rebellion" Out Now!

Above all, Why Should I? represents a fearless and powerful sound that marks a pop evolution in the music space. The sound that permeates this EP filled with reality. It’s also the bravado of vulnerability that sets this EP apart. Similarly, this EP Jhalli brings out a fresh and rare sound with an infectious mix of indie pop, jazz-pop, and the musical styles she is inspired by at the moment. 


Music Release - Jhalli unveils "The Sound of Rebellion" Out Now!

Throughout the EP

Every track deals with how women have been conditioned; the EP breaks down the walls of patriarchy and also shatters the notion of what women are supposed to be. “Why Should I?” creates a shift in the direction toward a more accurate representation of the difficulties women face and how they overcome them by winning small battles every day. 

“Why Should I?”

Celebrates Jhalli’s grandmother and every woman who was able to break prevalent stereotypes and assert that women aren’t passive members of society, who are supposed to just look pretty. Rather, they advocate that women are more than capable of being successful, independent, and confident regardless of what the patriarchal society says. 

Listen to “Why Should I?” here. All tracks are out now on all streaming platforms!

EP Tracklist:
  • “Let me be your girl” inculcates the theme of the LGBTQ+ community;
  • “Stupid Games” conveys the story of why heartbreaks are important;
  • “DreamGirl” commences the conversation of why do we have beauty standards at all?;
  • “Hurricane”  focuses on the power of standing up for yourself.
  • Insecurity entails a social message of why we should accept ourselves. 

Why Should I? Acclaimed by a mini-tour with Jhalli. To celebrate the release of Jhalli‘s new EP, we will hold a Slumber Party. Join us for extremely good vibes, pop modern music, individual freedom, respect, & at some famous locations to enjoy the MisFits experience.

Furthermore, the parties will also involve a game of twister, charades, some flash tattoos, and other party favorite games. This party hosted for the sheer reason to connect with your younger self. Making sure they are still deeply intact.

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