Posted on April 18, 2022 at 1:00 am

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Divya Agarwal: ‘I Choose to Pick Up Projects that Challenge Me’

ZEE5 recently released the third installment of their successful crime thriller Abhay. And the surprise package in there was actress Divya Agarwal.

Divya Agarwal: 'I Choose to Pick Up Projects that Challenge Me'
Divya Agarwal: ‘I Choose to Pick Up Projects that Challenge Me’


Divya plays Harleen, an enigmatic social media person by day, who has a thing for committing cold-blooded murderers with her partner.


A role like that is obviously hard to pull off and Divya has been raking in rave reviews for her performance.


Divya’s last two releases were pretty major. While Cartel saw her don multiple tricky and challenging get ups given her role. As an assassin, Abhay 3 sees her play a cold-blooded killer.


Given how the industry is such that it puts artists in boxes. We asked Divya if she has that fear of being typecast. But the confidant lass says,


“Luckily the characters that I’ve played so far, be it Cartel or Abhay 3, both of them have a lot of layers. A lot of work went behind playing them. I am hopeful that the industry and the casting directors are taking note of it in a way where they see my potential and not just the fact that I have done two negative characters back to back.”



But truth be told, Divya believes that she indeed has nothing much to worry about. Elaborating on why she feels this way, Divya adds,



“People know me, the real me from my reality shows. They know the real Divya Agarwal, the person behind the cameras. So my on-screen roles are exactly opposite of what I do and what my characteristics are in real life. Fortunately for me, they know Divya and they also see and love me in any character that I play on the screen.”


Re-iterating the fact that the essence of the role is of more importance to her than anything else.

Divya says that she will always take up roles and characters that have substance. And will give her scope to perform.


“I do get calls to play a cute girlfriend or a cute sister. But I choose to pick characters and scripts that are really different from what I am and really different from what I can do. So yes, there is a little fear but hopefully I have so far balanced it out with my reel life and real life personalities and will continue doing so,” she signs off.

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