Posted on March 28, 2022 at 4:06 am

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Tulsi Kumar gears up for her next single, “Jo Mujhe Deewana Karde”

Tulsi Kumar is one of the finest and most successful artists of her generation and is known for experimenting in different music genres.


 Tulsi Kumar gears up for her next single, “Jo Mujhe Deewana Karde”
Tulsi Kumar gears up for her next single, “Jo Mujhe Deewana Karde”


The singer now teams up with dance maestro, Ganesh Hegde for her next single ‘Jo Mujhe Deewana Karde’. Also starring Rohit Khandelwal, which promises to be a fun, peppy dance track.


It is for the very first time that Tulsi will be collaborating with Ganesh Hegde. This party song made for the perfect track for the two to team up. Audiences will also witness some electric and intense chemistry between Tulsi and Rohit Khandelwal. In ‘Jo Mujhe Deewana Karde’ which also features vocals by Manan Bhardwaj.


Interestingly, while Tulsi Kumar personally loves dancing, this track will be her first official dance video and something for her fans to look forward to.


Says an excited Tulsi Kumar,


“It’s been a great experience working on a song like ‘Jo Mujhe Deewana Karde’ because the choreography is made to suit my persona. And he character I play through the song. This will be my first official dance video and what better than to get an opportunity to work with a performer, choreographer, Ganesh Hegde himself. He was very involved in the entire visualization of the video right from Day-1.  got to learn so much from him through the process of shooting this video. I am not a trained dancer but I have rehearsed to get my moves right .. and can’t wait for my fans to watch me groove in this one.”


Adds director Ganesh Hegde,


“It was wonderful working on this song with Tulsi Kumar. She brings an innocence and playfulness both to her singing and her dancing. We’ve captured that through the choreography in the song. She is also an eager and fast learner and I’m confident her fans are going to love this one.”


Says singer Manan Bhardwaj,


“I’ve earlier worked on compositions for Tulsi but ‘Jo Mujhe Deewana Karde’. It is special because I get to sing with her this time. We had a great time working on the song together and attempted to bring audiences something fresh and new. I think our voices sound great and in harmony in this track and I hope audiences enjoy it.”

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