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Siesons the annual cultural festival of S.I.E.S College of Arts, Science and Commerce Nerul, Navi Mumbai is back with a bang with the spirit of “Junoon” the path of passion making its way to us.




The format of the event was followed as per the rules and regulations. It was the passion of the entire team that led to the events were being held offline.



It was a one-day show held on 2nd March, 2022 at the campus of the college. The students actively participated with high spirits and handled all the events successfully.



Junoon was the Theme for SIESONS-2022. The Theme Release was being done at the college campus on 14th February, 2022 with some grand performances by the entire team of Siesons-2022.



The audience was cheerful and enjoyed themselves to the fullest. For the final show the events were lined up along with a huge crowd waiting eagerly to have fun.


The day started with several events like fashion show, rap battle, beatboxing, dance events, blogging which were being judged by various celebrity experts of that field.


The Performing Arts committee organized the ‘Street Dance- Groove Brigade’ which was held in the college’s canteen area.



The competition was judged by Adnan Ahmed Khan who is popularly known as ‘Iadnanmbruch’ on Instagram who appeared in Sony Entertainment dance reality show India’s best dancer.


He came as a performer in Siesons 2019, and now he came as a judge. He was also being accompanied by Gaurav Rawat who is a director and producer.


The one who was looking for some crazy dancers from this event for his upcoming film on Amazon Prime Video.



Every team wore crazy street outfits and the jury also enjoyed every performance along with the audience. The second round, which was a battle round.


Two teams were given one and a half minute in total. And each team had only 45 seconds in their hand to showcase their best steps in four songs.


The bestteams to perform were ‘R Quest Crew’ and ‘ New Monks’ ‘Blood crew‘ and ‘ Bavandar’.



Crank that verse was an event organised by the Performing Arts Committee of SIESONS. With the intention of giving up and coming rappers the opportunity to display their talent and creativity.


The event commenced with a warm welcome to producer and vocalist – Abhishek Bhimte. And renowned rapper and artist – Kaam Bhaari. Both of whom were to be the judges for the battle to come.


To start things off, the NBS team, a group of 3 talented rappers, brought to the stage their very own tracks.



The crowd, despite never having heard the songs before, caught on to the lyrics in no time and rapped along in unison.


One of the most exciting events of the day was the “Prison World” by Literally Arts being one of them.


The theme of this event was based on a famous web series called “The Vampire Diaries.”


The goal of the event was for members of each team to solve puzzles. Using the clues presented to them and escape the prison room with a time limit of 15 minutes.


A team of 4 members had to enter the room as a vampire, a werewolf, a witch and an original. The clues were given to the members as per their characters.


The Vampire had to use the ‘morse code’ language in order to decode the hidden message provided.


Solving the clues was challenging and one had to be a true fan of the show “The Vampire Diaries” in order to solve the mystery.


In the end the winners were distributed among various characters based upon the quickest time to crack the code. Finally, it was a very interesting and brainstorming event that all the teams enjoyed.


LAWN-A-FIGHT, this event put together by the Crossovers Team, was one of the fiercest ones of the day. The three-level obstacle course saw a toughcompetition between the participants.



With swirling heads, they then proceeded to collect bottles scattered across the ground Ahead of them and deposit it back to the starting point.


After deposition of the last bottle, they would find a flag on a table waiting to be picked up by them.


The final task was to run to the finish line, stack cups to form a pyramid and place the flag in the topmost cup.


The participants showcased their wide range of athleticism while undertaking the spread of tasks put before them.


The innovative challenges and the competitive spirits displayed on the lawn made for great entertainment to the spectators.

Style-E-Gennue one of the most beautiful event organised by Fine Arts Committee of Siesons 2022. Where participants were tested on their fashion related skillset was a very unique addition to the entire show.


The event was held in Amphi theatre of the campus. Fine arts committee really took amazing efforts to the event by decorating the whole area. It is on the basis of fashion and style.



The brief of the event was that the participants had to make an outfit. A piece of apparel to design from fabric scraps and do-it-yourself materials.



The theme of the Event was “Gender Neutrality” which is a fusion of men’s and women’s wear into a common outfit showing Gender Fluidity. The event was a complete round of claps for all the participants for their unique intimidating work.


The main highlight for the day was the concert. The USP of the fest proved to be fruitful this year as well because the team brought 2 artists for an evening. The charismatic power of none other than SABALI THE BAND was one of the enchanting moments for all.



The songs sung by them truly captured everyone’s heart. Be it their allure or stylish gait it was a magical one.


The second artist for the evening was none other than an extremely talented and soulful singer Gajendra Verma. With his soothing voiced mellowed the vibe with overflowing emotions.


It was a day full of joy, laughter, memories built and a journey of months of hard work of the entire team of Siesons and the ones who supported them throughout.



The event ended with volunteers shouting the chant of Siesons and bringing a lovely day to an end.


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