Posted on March 15, 2022 at 4:20 pm

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Political Analyst Tehseen Poonawalla’s Fans call out UNFAIR!on his Eviction from the Show Lock-Upp!

India’s leading political analyst Tehseen Poonawalla often made it to the headlines for his mindful and intellectual game on Alt Balaji’s show Lock-Upp! He had begun redefining the reality space to be beyond the usual fights and aggression that is commonly expected in such shows. 


Impressed by his powerful observatory skills and intellectually inclined moves,  fans didn’t leave one stone unturned to support their favorite player on the show. Tehseen’s Twitter and Instagram rained with love, appreciation and support from his audience, who wanted to watch more of him, during the show and also after his recent eviction from the show. 

His engagement with the audience outside the show and inside the jail is a camaraderie, that cannot be ignored. Going by the statistics of the live feed, Tehseen was the only constant who drew maximum viewership and audience, from both India and abroad. Infact, Karan Kundra’s appearance on the show, was the only time the viewership exceeded the 700k to 900k mark, which was otherwise directly proportional to Tehseen’s presence on the screen. 

Tehseen Poonawala
Tehseen Poonawala

The fans have called out and believe that Tehseen was unfairly evicted from the show. For a contestant who was trending on Twitter for 13 hours straight up, a day before the eviction and even after eviction, must have been fabulous with his content on the show to draw such a reaction from the audience. How can a performer of this stature, have low votes or come across like his involvement is least in the show. 

Tehseen Lock Upp



According to sources, even today his DM’s are full of fan messages expressing their dissatisfaction with the voting results, about how much they miss watching him and that he is their hero. 


How can a contestant who tick marks all the criteria for being an entertainingly substantial person on the show, it’s hard to believe that a low vote count is the actual reason for his exit, when media articles establish him as the second highest in trends. Do reality shows, actually honour, the true and the real? Hope, we see him back as a wildcard entry in the show soon

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