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Disney+Hotstar releases the mesmerizing title track of Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

Produced by Applause Entertainment in association with BBC Studios India, Hotstar Specials Rudra – The Edge of Darkness is an Indian rendition of the iconic British series – Luther; set to be premiered on 4th March.


Disney+Hotstar releases the mesmerizing title track of Rudra: The Edge of Darkness
Disney+Hotstar releases the mesmerizing title track of Rudra: The Edge of Darkness

Along with excellent storyline, a fantastic cast, and stunning cinematography. A great show is also defined by the music that leaves behind a mark.


While the much anticipated show, Hotstar Specials presents Rudra: The Edge of Darkness. It is all set to launch on Disney+ Hotstar, the platform launched the title track ‘Inaam’ on March 2nd, 2020.


Marking her digital debut, the title track is sung by singer and businesswoman Ananya Birla. It surely strikes a chord.


Backed by Ajay Devgn’s power packed performance, this lyrical song perfectly compliments the gripping story, adding a different noir esque flavour to the overall intense feel of the show.


Titled as ‘Inaam’ the song is hauntingly mesmerising, impactful and leaves behind a captivating effect. From the play of words to the intrinsic musical melody. Ananya with her voice has been able to enthral the thriller-mood and feel of the show with this stirring track.


The music video is a depiction of Rudra’s ‘hauntings of the past’. Coming to life through a representation of Ananya being stuck. It is controlled and stripped of her own rights while being interrogated.


The song is composed and produced by Salvage Audio Collective, and sung by Ananya Birla. The beautiful lyrics are penned by Rajan Batra.



Commenting on the title song Ananya Birla shares,


“I’ve been an avid fan of the British series Luther and it was such an incredibly enjoyable experience to collaborate on Rudra – The Edge Of Darkness. In the title track ‘Inaam’. I have tried to embody the emotions and intensity of Rudra’s mind and I hope the viewers enjoy listening to it. I am super happy with how the music video has come together. It goes seamlessly with the show and is everything that I had envisioned it to be.”


Synopsis: Set in Mumbai, Rudra-The Edge of Darkness is a race-against-the-clock thriller. That delves into the psyche of highly intelligent criminals and the detective who hunts them.


Each episode in the series features a new threat, even as the overarching series arc continues. Portraying the grave personal cost at which DCP Rudra Veer Singh pursues criminals and killers. The unlikely friendship that he forms with Aliyah, a genius sociopath. In the series, Mumbai.



The metropolis goes beyond being a mere backdrop for our hero’s vigilante actions. But sets the very stage upon which the war between good and evil is waged.


Even in this darkness, Rudra believes there is still love in the world. Because in the end, humanity is all we’ve got. And it is for this belief that Rudra sacrifices everything he has.

Tune in to Disney+ Hotstar to catch Ajay Devgn’s digital debut with crime thriller drama. Rudra – The Edge of Darkness from 4th March onwards.

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