Posted on March 17, 2022 at 4:37 am

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Bhushan Kumar presents the ultimate party song ‘Roz Raat’ by Millind Gaba

After record-breaking hit songs like Nazar Lag Jayegi, She Don’t Know, Shanti.


Bhushan Kumar presents the ultimate party song 'Roz Raat' by Millind Gaba
Bhushan Kumar presents the ultimate party song ‘Roz Raat’ by Millind Gaba


Main Teri Ho Gayi, Zindagi Di Paudi, Peele Peele, Nachunga Aise and Kya Karu, Millind Gaba is back with T-Series’ Roz Raat.



The ultimate night anthem ‘Roz Rat’ sung and composed by Millind Gaba, penned by Gaba and Asli Gold. It is produced by Bhushan Kumar is an upbeat, up tempo track with hip-hop flavour.



Directed by Shabby, this after party song is all about a man cruising the town. And enjoying the nightlife in this bright, colourful and vibrant music video.


Says T-Series head honcho Bhushan Kumar,

“‘Roz Rat’ is a night anthem and out-and-out party song. Millind has killed it with his energy and Shabby has done a fabulous job in capturing western pop culture in this video.”


Talking about the song, Millind Gaba says,


“Roz Rat is a fun party song. The lyrics and music are catchy and the visuals are really striking and highlight the night life. I’m sure my fans are going to love it.”



Adds Asli Gold,


“The lyrics of Roz Rat are such that you will immediately sing. Along after listening to the track. This night anthem is guaranteed to have you grooving.”



Adds director Shabby,


“The idea with Roz Rat was to capture the night life. A bunch of friends hitting the town and just partying. It’s a vibe and you’re going to love it.”



Millind Gaba Music MG’s ‘Roz Rat’ is produced by T-Series. With vocals and composition by Millind Gabaz.


It is lyrics by Millind Gaba and Asli Gold, the party track. It is directed by Shabby is out now on T-Series’ YouTube channel.



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