Posted on February 26, 2022 at 8:55 pm

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Salman Ali’s Latest Track ‘Pyar Farzi’ Is Winning Hearts

Salman Ali’s Latest Track ‘Pyar Farzi’ Is Winning Hearts

Salman Ali’s Latest Track ‘Pyar Farzi’ Is Winning Hearts

The latest song ‘Pyar Farzi’ released by Koinage Records, is winning the audience’s hearts through its mesmerizing voice, lyrics, and music which is bound to capture every heart that has felt the essence of love. The song is a heart-touching Punjabi track sung by the Indian Idol fame Salman Ali, starring Mukul Madaan (Mukku) and Aliya Hamidi. The lyrics of the song weave the emotions of heartbreak and which are also written by Mukku.

The song has been released on the official YouTube of Koinage Records and other music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Wynk Music, Prime Music, etc. The song has made a huge buzz owing to its captivating screenplay, music, and direction. The music has been produced by Rich Boy (Sahil Sood) and is directed by the renowned director Anand Mishra.

The soulful track is gaining popularity amongst the youth and has been loved by lakhs of users across the country. Shot in Ladakh, the screenplay and picturization of the video add to the emotions that come to life with its soulful music. Both the lead actors- Aliya Hamidi & Mukku have done a commendable job with their realistic acting which has been enjoyed by the audience who directly connect to the song.

Speaking of the overwhelming response to the music video, Salman Ali said, “I am extremely happy to be a lead vocalist of Pyaar Farzi by Koinage Records and also thrilled with the positive response that the song has received so far. I am hoping it becomes the heartbreak anthem of the year. Pyar Farzi is not just a song; it is a burst of emotions that one feels when one loses your love due to betrayal. I hope the audience will shower their love on it as they did for my previous songs”.

Adding to this, Mukku said,

“Pyar farzi is very close to my heart, and finally, the song has been released as it was struck for a longer duration and kept on getting delayed. Pyaar Farzi is for those who have been in and out of love and for those who have lived the journey of heartbreak. We have tried our best to stay true in portraying raw emotions of love and the turbulent feelings it brings in our lives. Considering this is my second track after Besharmi with Koinage Records, I am thankful to them to have brought this soulful song to life and amongst the audience.”

‘Pyar Farzi’ is winning hearts and its viewership and magnificence is increasing every passing minute the team is hopeful that the song will be a big success.

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