Posted on February 22, 2022 at 7:20 am

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Power Couple, Suraj Nambiar and Mouni Roy, unveil new-age global ed-tech platform

What if we told you that you’d get a chance of learning a skill from THE leading expert in the field through courses on topics ranging from film, sports, art, business, and much more.


Power Couple, Suraj Nambiar and Mouni Roy, unveil new-age global ed-tech platform, ‘Ultimate Gurus’
Power Couple, Suraj Nambiar and Mouni Roy, unveil new-age global ed-tech platform, ‘Ultimate Gurus’ 


And what if these courses are structured such that they allow you to learn at your own pace, interact with the expert and even get an opportunity to convert this newly learnt skill into a real job – doesn’t it sound like a dream?!


Well, the maverick entrepreneur Suraj Nambiar has turned this vision into reality with the subscription-based platform, ‘Ultimate Gurus’.



‘Ultimate Gurus’ is a global, interactive, and educational platform that allows users to learn and upskill their crafts under the expert guidance of leaders, the ‘Gurus’. Founded by the power couple, Suraj Nambiar & Mouni Roy.


The application has both live and pre-recorded online courses, carefully curated by the Gurus themselves with their decades of experience and teaching the trade secrets squeezed into undeniable lessons.



While talking about the revolutionary platform, Suraj Nambiar said,


“Ultimate Gurus is built on a very basic human emotion of inspiration, which is the key ingredient when one attempt learns a new skill. We are in the business of allowing people to want to better themselves, and our job is only providing the least path of resistance to get there. High-quality content, well-structured learning objectives, access to the best in the business, and a clear-cut path for those looking to make a career out of the skill – it is all here!


In a similar vein, Mouni Roy said,


“As an actress, I didn’t have someone to advise me, especially in my formative years. I can’t overstate the importance of having an avenue that provides direction and thought process to budding artists from the absolute best in the business. I am sure, with ‘Ultimate Gurus,’ people will find the right advice from the Gurus and the ultra-supportive community that will help them unlock greatness.”


‘Ultimate Gurus’ aims at revolutionizing online learning by only having the leading personalities from the various fields as teachers.



The upskilling platform would also provide supplemental workbooks for practical knowledge, live interactive sessions and access to an exclusive community. Ultimate Gurus goes live on February 25, 2022.

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