Posted on February 22, 2022 at 1:00 am

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Madhuri Dixit opens up about her journey as Anamika Anand

Superstar Madhuri Dixit talks about her career, her streaming debut and everything in between.

Madhuri Dixit opens up about her journet as Anamika Anand
Madhuri Dixit opens up about her journet as Anamika Anand


A self-made icon and female superstar, she is a force to reckon with and has left an indelible mark in the hearts of all her fans.


Madhuri Dixit, the dancing diva, having ruled the entertainment world till date is now all set to conquer the streaming world with her Netflix debut in ‘The Fame Game’.


Be it her impactful persona on-screen or her killer moves. She brings to her craft a joie-de-vivre unequaled and her nimble feet leaves us gasping for more.


With time her aura and stardom has only grown manifold and now she’ll be seen unraveling the tale of a superstar with a seemingly perfect life but a plethora of secrets in The Fame Game.


In a candid conversation, the reigning queen opens up on her streaming debut and talks about her love for acting.


Reminiscing about her journey and what keeps her going even after all these years, she said,


“I think, one never really gets tired of playing different characters. I love to get into the skin of every character I play. And it’s always exciting when you get a role, which has a gamut of emotions to deal with. You know, one that has ups and downs in their life because it’s such characters that challenge you to do better, rise above, and keep you on your toes. And I think for me, I have always been a student of cinema. And whenever I do a project, I try to rediscover or discover something new in a character which I can portray and do better than my previous performance”.



Come and fall for Madhuri Dixit all over again as she makes a stunning debut on Netflix’s latest thriller “The Fame Game”, releasing on 25th February!

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