Posted on January 12, 2022 at 9:54 pm

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Jee Le Zara Feat. Rita Morar Anokha Beats OUT NOW

Jee Le Zara Feat. Rita Morar Anokha Beats OUT NOW

Jee Le Zara Feat. Rita Morar Anokha Beats OUT NOW

It’s 2022 and for their first release, Anokha Beats have had their last single of 2021 “Jee Le Zara” remixed by long-standing friend JP Phillippe. The remix is an intelligent drum n bass version keeping the Indian authenticity throughout the track and using Rita Morar’s vocals to drive the additional instrumentation of strings, pads, and piano to deliver an outstanding remix.

JP is renowned for producing Deep Soulful House going under the sudo of The Disclosure Project and Pigsie. He is also well versed in remixing, working with Timewriter, Ten walls, Office Gossip, Johnny Fiasco, Monodeluxe, and many more.

The official release is out now and available on all streaming platforms including Beatport Anokha Beats

Anokha Beats was formed by Heetan (H) and Mo who have been musical partners for the last 20 years working together as producers and artists in Essex. They have evolved naturally to create diverse music of the world, inspired by but not bound to their ethnicity.

Whilst Heetan’s knowledge and education in popular music with music tech provides the wheels for Anokha Beats, he concentrates on the technical production and the sound sculpture of their music. Mo is the backbone for all that happens with their music and covers a range of areas such as the creative direction of their sound and ideas. There is no stylized form which the duo adhere to, rather they stay true to what Anokha means to them; creating extraordinary music whether it’s House, Hip-Hop, Grime, or Sync.

With lots more on the way from Anokha Beats and also Rita Morar in 2022, make sure to keep your ear to the ground for more collaborations announcements!

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