Posted on January 5, 2022 at 3:36 am

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Asim Riaz comes out in support of brother Umar Riaz

Asim Riaz, Rajiv Adatia come out in support of Umar Riaz. Twitterati revolts against bigg boss’s decision calling it unfair.

Asim Riaz comes out in support of brother Umar Riaz

Bigg Boss 15 has reached another week closer to its grand finale and the fans can’t keep calm to watch their favourite lift and take the trophy home.

The tussle amongst the contestants and the hunger to win is not only witnessed on screen but also on social media which is divided in fan wars.


Bigg Boss 15’s Umar Riaz who has been one of the most talked about contestant of the show is often seen being lauded for his performances in the task not only by fellow contestants but by former bigg boss contestants and celebrities as well.



An incident taken place in the bigg boss house yet again divided the Twitterati.

In an ongoing task, Pratik Sehjpal and Umar were seen at loggerheads.

Sehjpal splashed water on Umar with a great force to which Umar reacted by lashing out at the latter.

Bigg Boss termed this action as physical violence and set Umar on a trial up until weekend ka vaar, where a judgement of him staying or leaving the show will be passed.


This news didn’t go well with the Twitterati as they came out in support of Umar. Where one fan tweeted,


“Umar didn’t harm Pratik at all then why this decision? When Karan pinned Pratik on the ground with that force he would have broken his rib but no action taken against him?” While the other tweeted, “Umar was thrown in a pool, he has been tortured, pushed, abused, but no action was taken against those contestants then why now when it’s not even Umar’s fault?”.


Brother Asim Riaz too came out in support of Umar by appealing the audience to cast their vote for Umar deserving to stay in the show stating,


“It was the other contestant in the house who instigated Umar and then Umar reacted to it.” Former bb contestant Rajiv Adatia said, “Umar does deserve to stay in the Bigg Boss house. 100% love you bro.”

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