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Top Five South Asian Businesses In Vancouver 2021

Top Five South Asian Businesses In Vancouver 2021


Top Five South Asian Businesses In Vancouver 2021

South Asian Canadians in Metro Vancouver are the third-largest ethnic group in the region, comprising 291,005 or 12% of the total population. Sizable communities exist within the city of Vancouver along with the adjoining city of Surrey, which houses one of the world’s largest South Asian enclaves.

We have five top businesses serving the South Asian community.


Fruiticana has become a household name in the South Asian community, where customers have come to expect fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices of the highest quality at the best price. The grocery chain has come a long way since its humble beginnings.

After coming for a family visit from Montreal in 1992, Tony Singh immediately saw an opportunity in the Lower Mainland to serve a growing South Asian Community that was under-served at the time. The large South Asian community was struggling with a limited selection of produce and cultural grocery items. Unique items such as okra, guava, and sugar cane were incredibly difficult to find.

Verka Foods

All around the world, globalization blur the line between taste and location. Now consumers are allowed to choose what they have been using in their entire life without compromising with quality and taste. That’s why, at Verka Foods International, we empower people to choose their Indian Ethnic food internationally without compromising on taste and quality. This is our Purpose.

Every day, we are inspired to go the extra mile to lead the future of Indian Ethnic Products around the world. We do this by offering Purity and Compassion in our products at the right moment that is made in the right way.


Brian Jessel, the eponymous founder of Brian Jessel BMW, always dreamed of owning his own dealership. Brian grew up in Ontario and worked in Toronto as a car broker. In the early ’70s, he made his move to Vancouver, where there were more opportunities for owning the dealership he envisioned. He continued his career as a broker in Vancouver -“the job he knew”, and one, he says, that “you do when you have no money.” He laughs. Eventually, he found the chance to start a used car dealership. He had managed to accumulate “six used cars at once, and so there you go – a dealership,” he says. He found space to lease at Burrard and 1st, and thus began Brian’s storied career as a car dealer.

Nanak Foods
Punjab Milk Foods Inc. (Canada) is the largest federally-approved Indian dairy in North America that specializes in Indian dairy & food products. We are a Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and European Union (EU) approved facility.

Twenty years ago, one fine afternoon over lunch, Gurpreet Arneja and Vineet Taneja enjoyed an intriguing conversation on the topic of Paneer and the time-consuming task of making it. Little did they know at that time, two decades on, they’d be running the largest Indian dairy in North America, specializing in paneer, appetizers, and desserts. An exemplary community leader supporting local and international organizations, today, Nanak Foods is a socially responsible company supporting a diverse range of charitable, arts, and culture initiatives.

Aadmi Groups
Aadmi Group of Companies is one of the fastest-growing companies in Canada
engaged in the car wash, oil and lube, real estate development, and investment industries. We have grown over 83% in the past years and continue to excel at a rapid pace.

We strive to achieve company goals by challenging ourselves in acquiring the highest level of professionalism and support those who are associated with our trades. We value human potential, and the talent search is an ongoing process. We feel pride in developing people to exceed even their own expectations. We encourage employee professionalism in conjunction with the growth of the Company.

Aadmi Group has an excellent reward system to motivate its employees and offers them the freedom to operate independently in the best interest of the Company and its growth. Our team of professionals is committed to taking the Company to the next level.

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