Posted on December 24, 2021 at 3:25 am

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The stunning Hollywood actor, Samantha Lockwood makes her way to Bollywood!

Samantha Lockwood is also fondly known as “Hollywood Royalty,” in her home country, America as she is the daughter of the veteran sci fi icon, Gary Lockwood and actress and entrepreneur, Late Denise DuBarry.

The stunning Hollywood actor, Samantha Lockwood makes her way to Bollywood!
The stunning Hollywood actor, Samantha Lockwood makes her way to Bollywood!

 A graduate of the University of California Santa Cruz in acting, Samantha commenced her career. As the famed Daryl in “Turn Back Now”. Following that, she worked in back to back hits “Sci-fighter” and “Mexican Gold”.


Her first on camera acting work started when she was just 17. As she would work on the infomercials made by her mother, Denise for a marketing agency started by the latter. Right from then, she knew that she was born to face the arc-lights.


Samantha has over 30 Hollywood projects in her vast career to her credit. Which includes roles in Hawaii Five 0, CSI NY, CSI NY Manhattan Manhunt, Lords of Dogtown, commercials for Old Navy Yoga Wear, Miller Light commercial for Navy Jeans across Meghan Markle, and many more. She has made headlines once again as Amazon is streaming the Samantha starrer, Shoot the Hero again.


Apart from acting, Samantha has a myriad of entrepreneurial interests such as floral vase jewellery through her brand, Fleurings, an exclusive vase jewellery  collection of earrings & necklaces designed to hold water and keep flowers fresh. Fleurings are for girls and women who love wearing fresh flowers and jewellery, and has been designed entirely by Samantha. Fleurlings was labeled as The “eco-fabulous must-have necklace” by GENLUX Magazine.


They were also Celebrity wedding gifts for the Bridal Party at Seth Rogen’s and Lauren Miller Rogen’s wedding. As well as soul surfer Bethany Hamilton’s wedding in Hawaii. Fleurings have been featured in press all over Japan, Milan and the United States.


Samantha is also hugely passionate about Yoga. She became the youngest certified Bikram Yoga Teacher at the age of 17. When she completed the rigorous teacher training in Beverly Hills, winning a medal for “Best in Posture”.


An advanced Yogini, she has traveled around the world teaching Bikram Yoga in cities. Such as Tokyo, Vienna, Istanbul, Milan, London, Marrakesh, Washington DC, New York, San Francisco and more. She owns Bikram Yoga Kauai in Hawaii, which has become known as the premiere hot yoga studio on Kauai.


She has been featured as an upcoming actress and yogini in Esquire, American Fitness, Ms. Fitness (cover) and Maxim Magazine where she was first mentioned. As the “hottest girl in the movie” for the indie feature, Lords of Dogtown.


Samantha has made her way to Bollywood this December 2021. With an illustrious career that spans over Acting, Yoga and jewelry, one can only wonder what is in store for this stunning girl next!

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