Posted on December 3, 2021 at 8:49 pm

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Teeshay Shah Stars In Furry Little Christmas Releasing December 5th

Teeshay Shah Stars In Furry Little Christmas Releasing December 5th

Teeshay Shah Stars In Furry Little Christmas Releasing December 5th

Teeshay Shah scores Hollywood Film “Furry Little Christmas” releasing on December 5th. He plays a David in the film who is a doctor. Let’s hear more about his experience in the movie.

About the film
Kristi McKamie, Jonathan Stoddard, And Teeshay Shah stars of the UPtv premiere movie ‘A Furry Little Christmas’, discuss the Christmas magic between their characters. Watch the UPtv premiere movie ‘A Furry Little Christmas’ Sunday, Dec. 5 at 7 PM ET!

Tell us about “Furry Little Christmas”

It’s a feel-good comedy with romance at its core. And it celebrates the festive spirit of Christmas in a warm way. Our film has the most adorable pets, who will melt your heart. Everything you see on screen in this film will make you smile. My fellow actors were very professional and easygoing, so it never felt like work. It was like chilling with friends every day. When the cast and crew are in sync, you see the magic on screen.

You play David…

Yes. A vet from New York who is a lot of fun and shares a great camaraderie with his boss Scarlet(Kristi McKamie). He is super energetic and overdramatic. I had a great time playing David. Our director Dylan Vox, gave me full liberty to go all out and have fun with the character. I also had some scenes with pets, who I absolutely love, so for me, it was a win-win all the way. I have to thank Dylan and our casting director Scotty Mullen for trusting me with David’s character.

How did you get the part?

There were two auditions. And that’s that. The turnaround was pretty quick.

How’s 2021 been for you?

It’s been really good. I got to do things that I love. I got to travel a lot. Furry little Christmas happened. My short film R.E.M. got selected at major film festivals, I did some huge commercials and I am hosting again, this time for Hollywire. So in a way, I feel very blessed.

Tell us more about Hollywire

Having hosted before in India, it is something I am passionate about. Hollywire is an amazing platform, for entertainment news where I host Bollywood news every week. They have a following in many countries. It is a special feeling to represent Bollywood in Los Angeles.

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