Posted on December 1, 2021 at 2:00 am


Sufiscore and Sheykhar Ravjiani’s much awaited Hindi pop song ‘Rang’ is out now!

Now’s the moment all music lovers have been waiting for. The South Asian music label Sufiscore. The hit record singer-composer Sheykhar Ravjiani have dropped his first ever non-film Hindi pop song. It is titled Rang and you will definitely be blown away by it!


Sufiscore and Sheykhar Ravjiani's much awaited Hindi pop song 'Rang' is out now !
Sufiscore and Sheykhar Ravjiani’s much awaited Hindi pop song ‘Rang’ is out now !


The classically trainer vocalist and accomplished playback singer has delved into a different genre of music and aced it with his first non-film Hindi pop song itself.

Rang is directed by the national award winning director Ravi Jadhav with lyrics by Priya Saraiya and vocals by Sheykhar. The song also features the very talented dancers, Aishwarya Radhakrishnan and Upasana Madan.


Speaking on the song and his experience with Rang, Sheykhar says,


“Sufiscore, Ravi and I decided the song’s classic feel would be best brought alive. Against the backdrop of Old Colaba and the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel. The song has a flavour of European music using instruments. Such as acoustic guitars, mandolin and one of my favourite instruments, the accordion. I am sure that avid music lovers will instantly resonate with the song.”




Sheykhar’s versatility lies in being able to sway audiences with his soulful singing to bringing down the house at concerts all thanks to his infectious energy and immense talent.


Presented by Sufiscore, Rang by Sheykhar Ravjiani is out now.

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