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Param Singh – “I want to be the best version of myself.”

In Conversation With Param Singh

Param Singh - "I want to be the best version of myself."

Param Singh needs no introduction, an actor who is constantly diversifying his portfolio with the shows under his belt including, Sadda Haq, Ghulaam and of course the recent talk of town Ishk Par Zor Nahi to name a few, he has proved that for an actor, diversity is key. With a career spanning over a decade, I got into an exclusive conversation with Param, discussing his inspiration behind becoming an actor, his recent project Ishk Par Zor Nahi and the future plans the fellow actor has in the works. Hence, first things first asking Param what inspired him to become an actor, he responded, “Initially classics like Top Gun & Scarface inspired me to become an actor. I also wanted to do something like that and obviously, I haven’t even done anything close to that as yet.” He adds, “Watching great actors from all over the world and cinema inspired me basically.” Well isn’t that inspiring folks?

Param’s recent show Ishk Par Zor Nahi became an instant talk-of-the-town courtesy of the romantic genre trope, but also down to the cast performances. Without asking Param the done-to-death questions, I asked him, what has been his favourite and/or challenging scene(s) to perform on IPZN? To which he responded, “I think the bathroom scene, drunk scene and all pool scenes were difficult. Most of the scenes were challenging cause you know sometimes when you have nothing to do in a scene it’s difficult to perform. After all, as an actor, you want to add something and at times it’s not important or required to add your nuances. For me, every day it’s a challenge to act like I am not acting in front of the camera.” Interesting right?

Param Singh - "I want to be the best version of myself."

For those that have followed Ishk Par Zor Nahi, one would’ve picked up that at the core of the show were issues tackling gender equality as well as challenging outdated misogynistic societal norms all of which have stemmed from the feminist movement. Asking Param his take on the feminist movement and whether he is a feminist, he responded, “I believe in humanism. For me everyone is equal. Sometimes I feel strongly for feminism and sometimes I feel that there should be a movement for men as well because there are a lot of problems and responsibilities men have to deal with as well. However, I feel that it’s high time women get their due and as individuals, we should stand strong for them. I feel as individuals we need to urge that human beings are respected for who they are and not for their gender, religion, region, status or society.” Talk about progressive thoughts people!

As mentioned previously, Param has been in the Television industry for over a decade. Hence, I decided to ask him what he thinks television needs to do to evolve? To which he responded, “I don’t think there’s a specific answer to this question because if there was, it would have been implemented before by people who have been a part of the industry for way longer. Personally, I feel that coming up with organic, out of the box storylines different from typical love story genres and less-regressive content might work its magic.” Well I am in complete agreement there, are you folks?

Besides the acting space, Param is fond of writing. Yes, you read that right! Hence, I wanted to ask Param if we could see his stories executed in an audio-visual format? To which he replied, “Yes I am fond of writing and I have written a couple of stories. I have completed one of them. It’s more of a hobby to me and it helps me enhance my imagination as an individual. Being more of an observer, my writings are pieces of my inferences on life. Writings being converted into audio-visual format is one of the rising trends from where I see and I may definitely give it a shot in future.” Well, aren’t we all excited! Talk about talent.

Param Singh - "I want to be the best version of myself."

At this point, I decided to shift the gears to some lighter questions and asked Param some selected questions from his fans. Firstly, if you were granted three wishes by a genie, what would you wish for? To which Param responded, “The first thing I would wish for is equality amongst all wherein one gets the deserved due for their talent, effort and also that none of us should be devoid of basic necessities. The second wish would be eradicating social media and all man-made beliefs. The third wish would be the genie granting me more than one million wishes. (laughs: haha!)” Isn’t he witty folks!

Secondly, I asked What would you like to do more of in 2022? To which Param responded, “Workwise I would like to work with amazing people and portray different characters. Apart from that, I want to be the best version of myself, travel more, spend more time with my close ones and myself. I just want to live life more every day, every second. I am excited to see what shall unfold for me in the coming year.” We couldn’t have asked for a better new year resolution, can we?

Thirdly, I asked what is your mantra for staying motivated and positive? Param responded with, “There’s no mantra as such. I know that life is very short and nothing is that important through the course. I am just going with the flow and I am grateful that I have got the opportunity to do what I love. I love working hard and love doing what I do.”

In wrapping up the interview, I asked Param a piece of advice he’d give a younger version of himself. He replied, “The one advice I would like to give my younger self is to be less harsh on myself, have less confusion and be less shy.”

In closing, Param decided to give a quick message to his fans and viewers, “I really love you all and I just want you to look after yourself.”

Well there you go folks, that is Param Singh for you. Keep up with and I shall be back with another article.

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