Posted on December 25, 2021 at 9:56 pm

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Panjabi MC & Raf-Saperra Unveil New Release “Barood”

Panjabi MC & Raf-Saperra Unveil New Release “Barood”

Panjabi MC & Raf-Saperra Unveil New Release “Barood”

The highly-anticipated release from PMC Records titled ‘Barood’ is a collaboration between music producer PANJABI MC and up-and-coming singing sensation RAF SAPERRA. This is the first time Panjabi MC has teamed up with Saperra and ‘Barood’ will be Raf’s 4th single release, since exploding onto the music scene in 2020 with his first single ‘G’Lassy Riddim’.

Saperra has a unique folk-orientated vocal style and has gained quite a following on his social media accounts. Regularly being booked for gigs and weddings Saperra’s fan base just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Having already worked with Sidhu Moosewala and Steel Banglez for two directorial projects on the ubiquitous Moosetape album, Saperra took it a step further by being one of the only UK-born Punjabi singers to have a song produced by legendary Bhangra music producer Sukshinder Shinda named ‘Snake Charmer’.

The most anticipated artist to emerge from UK Bhangra now sets out to collaborate with another legendary music producer who not only is responsible for making one of the bestselling singles of all time but also an individual who took the Punjabi sounds overseas and make a global cultural impact. Panjabi MC. Multiple award-winning British Indian musician Panjabi MC was introduced to Raf earlier this year and there was instant chemistry between the two, once they got in the lab. Raf was insistent that he wanted the typical PMC production style of dhol, tumbi, and bass.

When Raf was asked how he felt about working with PMC for the first time, this was the reaction; “From being a huge fan, attending concerts to being in the lab with the legendary producer, it has been an eventful year for me to say the least! Having the chance to soak up the knowledge a pioneer and musical powerhouse like Panjabi MC provides, is priceless. This project is made with a lot of love and respect we have for each other as artists and you can hear that in the final product”. PMC goes from strength to strength after the successful release of ‘Fulvargi’ this year and performing at events up and down the country including Kiss FM’s Kisstory 2021. ’Barood’ is set to get you all dancing away into 2022! Available on all digital music platforms, Friday 24th December 2021

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