Posted on December 10, 2021 at 3:00 am

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Divyenndu fascinated by fan theories about Mirzapur!

Divyenndu set a strong foothold in the OTT space in all his glory with his versatile portrayal of Munna Bhaiya in the Mirzapur series.

Divyenndu fascinated by fan theories about Mirzapur!
Divyenndu fascinated by fan theories about Mirzapur!


The tenth episode of season 2 showed Munna Bhaiya presuming death. His not so typical grey character was loved by one and all, and Munna Bhaiya walked straight into the hearts of fans by pulling off multiple layers off his persona.


Divyenndu talks about the amount of love he has received from his fans so much so that they have the most fascinating theories.


The multi-talented actor, Divyenndu shares,


“When Munna Bhaiya came my way, it felt like a perfect role to take up as it had multiple layers to his personality. The character’s ‘devil-may-care’ attitude was one part that blew up the minds of the audiences. The season 2 climax has made fans curious to know if he’ll be back in the third season.”


He adds,


“It’s absolutely gratifying and fascinating to see them come up with their own theories. Like I remember one had said that Munna Bhaiya isn’t dead as he might have the condition called, Dextrocardia where the heart is pointed more towards the right. He was shot on the left so that was done on purpose.. and you never know, it could be (laughs).”


Divyendu further adds,


“But season 2 was a big turning point in Munna’s life because it really showed a more humane and softer side of his especially in regards to his wife. And overall, his respect towards women came to light as well in this season, Munna Bhaiya certainly is one of the most special villains with a heroic onscreen presence.”


This grey charcater is clearly one of the most loved characters ever that made the series great. We all feel that there’s no Mirzapur without him.


Divyendu’s portrayal has etched it into everyone’s memories forever. As he managed to slightly tower over other actors through the sheer range of emotions that Munna Bhaiya expresses, in a span of seconds.


From his guy next door role in Pyaar Ka Punchnama to the small town goon in Mirzapur. Divyenndu has always won the audience over with his versatility.


The actor is all set to be seen in YRF’s debut OTT show, The Railway Men. It is rumoured to have signed up for various projects in the last year. Most of which are expected to be announced soon including the project with Imtiaz Ali.

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