Posted on December 8, 2021 at 7:48 am

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Birthday Special: Here’s why the audience hails Rohit Saraf as a ‘National Crush’

It isn’t very often that a young actor earns the title of national crush. But, Rohit Saraf has deservedly so bagged the laureate from the audience.

Birthday Special: Here's why the audience hails Rohit Saraf as a 'National Crush'
Birthday Special: Here’s why the audience hails Rohit Saraf as a ‘National Crush’


Be it his captivating gaze, enthralling good looks or impressive command over the craft – the actor ticks all the boxes of a next-gen superstar!


Rohit Saraf, who is on the rise of stardom, turned a year old today. While we celebrate the artist he is on his birthday, here’s a list of reasons – why he is the nation’s ultimate crush!


The Terrific Performer

Rohit Saraf is one of the most talented artists in our industry. Ever since his debut, the new-age star has been making waves among the audience and, especially his female fans, with his impeccable acting talent.


The Captivating Charm

If Rohit Saraf is on the screen, one cannot divert his attention! The actor has a captivating screen presence that can hold anyone. Owing to his charisma, he is the hot property in the industry right now.


The Style Icon

Well, watching a good-looking man dress impeccably is a sight to behold! Rohit Saraf excels in that area as well. The fashion icon time and again shells our serious styling inspiration with his vogue game.


The Infectious Smile

Apart from many things that make Rohit Saraf crush-worthy, the topmost attribute is his smile! Many drool over the infectious smile and the boyish charm of the promising young actor.


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