Posted on November 13, 2021 at 2:53 am

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Music Exclusive: Vylom Releases ‘Humsafar’ ft. Adnan Ahmad

Vylom ft. Adnan Ahmad – Humsafar

Exclusive: Vylom Releases Banger 'Humsafar' ft. Adnan Ahmad


Exclusive: Vylom Releases ‘Humsafar’ ft. Adnan Ahmad. ‘Humsafar’ is the perfect blend of I-pop & Electronic Dance Music amalgamated with Hindi vocals and a hard hitting drop which definitely makes you feel some kind of way.

Similarly, composed & Produced by Vylom the song screams Global Pop and is released on Indian Music Label ‘Bullman Records’ The song features singer Adnan Ahmad who was amongst the first runner up in the Singing Reality Show ‘The Voice.’

Exclusive: Vylom Releases Banger 'Humsafar' ft. Adnan Ahmad

The Music Video of ‘Humsafar’ certainly brings forward two parallel stories of lovers. The nature of the journey of their love. Similarly, showing symbolism, one story showcases the ease of puppy love between a boy and a girl.

While the other story symbolizes the pain of wanting to be together. As they dance their emotions into expression of wanting love and companionship but finding difficulty in attaining so.

‘Humsafar’ Music Video

Above all, The Music video also features Vylom himself being the narrator and watcher of these stories as he plays the song live in different locations on his Setup and the piano.

The Video has been beautifully shot by Tushar Dixit & Naman Bhardwaj and has been Directed by Anahita Vohra. This Video Project headed by Ajinkya Haldankar who is the founder of Creator Comm.

Vylom & Adnan have certainly stirred up the scene with this new collaboration and people can’t seem to stop shaking a leg to this Dance Number. Catch the Official Music Video of ‘Humsafar’ on Bullman Records’ Youtube Channel. xc

Furthermore, Stream the Full Song ‘Humsafar’ here . Be sure to Check out the music video below:

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