Posted on November 8, 2021 at 5:05 am

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Himesh Reshammiya launches his 3rd track ‘Aajaa’

It’s a known fact that Himesh has had 22 back to back blockbuster hits in a row on his label which have garnered more than 800 million views and more than 300 million audio streams.
Himesh Reshammiya launches his 3rd track 'Aajaa'
Himesh Reshammiya launches his 3rd track ‘Aajaa’

Out of which two mega block super hit songs have been Surroor 2021 title track. It has garnered  77 million views and 55 million audio streams and Terre Pyaar Mein. It has garnered 175 million views and 45 million audio streams in hardly anytime and still counting. 

Fans have been asking for the 3rd track from this blockbuster hit album Surroor 2021 and here it is called ‘Aajaa’. The track is composed written and sung by Himesh Reshammiya. For the female vocals it’s Shannon K, Kumar Sanu’s daughter. The one who has sung with Himesh. Aajaa has a beautifully shot grand video and features Khushi Chaudhry with him. Surroor 2021 title track had Uditi Singh, Terre Pyaar Mein had Shivangi Verma. Aajaa has Khushi Chaudhry featuring along with Himesh in the video.

Talking about the song Himesh said,

“It’s a full on party track which is very high on energy. Yet has a melody which depicts passion and romance with beats which will keep you glued to the dance floor. It has a grand video and I’m very grateful to the audience for giving Surroor 2021 album. So much love And more than 250 million views And 100 million audio streams already in hardly anytime, Aajaa  will surely satisfy all music  lovers who want to party full on a high energy melodious song after this deadly  pandemic is almost over and we are all in full on party mode”
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