Posted on November 29, 2021 at 3:37 am

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Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali and Nishant Bhat’s bond proves that real friendships last longer than reel ones

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Bigg Boss 15 lost its most honest player, actor Jay Bhanushali in its last elimination. Always the first and only one to take a stand when and wherever necessary, Jay’s elimination came as a shock to the show’s ardent viewers who flooded social media, questioning the Bigg Boss format.

Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali and Nishant Bhat's bond proves that real friendships last longer than reel ones
Bigg Boss 15: Jay Bhanushali and Nishant Bhat’s bond proves that real friendships last longer than reel ones

Many were of the opinion that Bigg Boss only favours fake drama and staged romances over real and honest players who are willing to play a clean game. Another narrative that was doing the rounds was how Jay Bhanushali was not giving his all to the reality game show.

Jay being as straight as an arrow, declared that he wouldn’t indulge or involve himself in dirty games and forge fake alliances and relationships (read Akka-Anna) to move forward in the game.

Jay time and again stood up in the house for what is right, rather than be subjective and side with his friends. In fact, he also received major flak for not siding with his friends and calling them out when they were wrong. For Jay “Jo Galat Hai Woh Galat Hai”!


While Jay was touted to be the loner of the house, that was not the case. The bonds that he went on to make with Shamita Shetty, Neha Bhasin and Nishant Bhat were full of honesty, no expectations and very genuine.


In fact, Nishant stood by Jay during the surprise elimination and picked the latter over Simba, thus proving his friendship. Its not just us who feel that way but Nishant Bhat‘s fans too support the duo’s friendship.


Watch the video below:



The duo had a very honest friendship which was endearing to watch. While obviously they were not chuddi-buddies and never made promises of a together-forever union, their bond was very balanced.


While one felt the other was wrong, they would speak up, instead of going to others and gossipping.


For instance, when Jay felt that Nishant was unnecessarily rude to Rajiv in the kitchen, he communicated that to him and when Nishant thought that Jay was over-doing his dushmani with Vishal Kotian. He asked Jay to refrain from engaging in any coversation with Vishal.


It was also not just serious and brooding talks between the choreographer and actor. They would also indulge in cute masti from time to time. In fact, a video where Jay Bhanushali was seen calling Nishant Bhat’s tone of talking endearing also went viral.


Nishant and Jay were always spotted in the house from time to time giving each other an honest assessment of their game and called one another out when there was a valid point. If this is not true friendship then we don’t know what is!

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