Posted on November 25, 2021 at 3:00 am

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5 times Rohit Saraf won our hearts with streetwear clothing!

Rohit Saraf has become an absolute darling of the audience because of his performances and his boyish charm.

5 times Rohit Saraf won our hearts with streetwear clothing!
5 times Rohit Saraf won our hearts with streetwear clothing!

However, there’s one more side to his personality that people are slowly exploring; his fashion choices.

Rohit Saraf is always up for experimenting with clothing as he likes to surprise his fans with his outfits. He doesn’t shy away from making bold fashion statements and that’s something which sets him apart from his contemporaries.


Of late, he has been making some pretty interesting choices which surely look poised to become trend – setters soon. Let’s take a look at 5 instances where he rocked the streetwear clothing:


Scripted to perfection:


For his first look, we have Rohit in an all black attire. The actor wore a black hoodie with an Arabic script which he paired with shiny black pants. The actor rounded up the look with a light stubble.


Hinting at what’s underneath:

For his next outfit, the actor chose to exhibit hints of cool and warm colours with the thick layers of black. He wore a green striped shirt underneath a black jacket paired with black cargo which he rounded up with black boots.


A chocolate treat:

This one is a complete departure from the black as he dons a loose chocolate brown jacket over a pair of royal blue pants and sneakers. The lighting and sharp shadows sets the perfect mood for the frame.


A cloud in the vast expanse of the sky:

The penultimate look has Rohit embracing white shirt with loose sky blue pants and black running shoes. It won’t be wrong to say that the actor looks on cloud 9 in the frame.


Scintillating spectrum:

For his final look, we have the actor wearing an all shimmery outfit which gives out a crystalline effect. The white t-shirt underneath perfectly balances the shimmer and adds a new punch to his charm.

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