Posted on October 24, 2021 at 9:05 pm

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Karan Kundrra to Shamita Shetty – Here’s looking at the top four Bigg Boss 15 contestants

Bigg Boss 15 promises to be a historic season with enthusiastic contestants, never-ending drama, and solid relationships.

Karan Kundrra to Shamita Shetty - Here's looking at the top four Bigg Boss 15 contestants
Karan Kundrra to Shamita Shetty – Here’s looking at the top four Bigg Boss 15 contestants

While it has been not more than 20 days since the show started airing, it has already caught everyone’s attention.

While we enjoy the house full of fun, here’s looking at the top four performers who have proved their game mettle already!


1) Karan Kundrra

It is safe to say Karan Kundrra is the most favourite participant of the audience. From acing tactics to building strong connections in the house, the star host knows the rules of the game. Karan also won the hearts of his team members and the viewers by nominating himself to protect other contestants.


2) Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty made it into the top finalist in Bigg Boss OTT, establishing her popularity among the audience. The actress is now making waves with her strong game face in the show. The star performer also proved to be a bigger person by letting go of the chance of protecting herself on the bet of nominating anyone else. Shamita’s pure soul and wit is what makes the viewers root for her.


3) Tejasswi Prakash

One of the most entertaining people in the house is Tejasswi Prakash. The actress never leaves a chance of having fun and giving viewers a laugh. Apart from comic timing, she is one of the toughest players on the show. From her competitive spirit to her cordial relationship with everyone, Tejasswi seems to be ruling hearts.


4) Vishal Kotian

Another entertainer pack in the house is Vishal Kotian! The actor’s daily commentary on the show is one of the most favourite parts of Bigg Boss fans. By allying with Shamita Shetty to earn an entry in the main house, Vishal made a strong case for his command over the game.

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