Posted on October 7, 2021 at 7:32 am

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Karan Kundrra clears the air with Shamita Shetty

The entire nation was left polarised when Karan Kundrra mistakenly referred to Shamita Shetty as aunty.

Karan Kundrra clears the air with Shamita Shetty
Karan Kundrra clears the air with Shamita Shetty

It all started after a jungle task when Pratik Sehajpal tore off the map, the other contestants barged inside the main house and the hell unleashed. Shamita wasn’t happy with the way the task turned violent. One thing led to another and it went completely south, the tremors of which were felt on social media as well.


But, Karan chose to be the bigger person after he realised what he said in the spur of the moment.


The actor tendered an apology to Shamita and sorted out everything. Karan has always been decent and has maintained the decorum irrespective of the situation. He has been in but, sometimes situations test even those with the strongest will and character.



This gesture from him cements the fact that for him conduct comes first of all things. Being in the game is secondary for the actor. Shamita too accepted the apology with utmost grace and the two sorted their differences.

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