Posted on October 13, 2021 at 7:45 pm

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ICECOLDBISHOP Joins KOAD For Rap Cypher Inspired Single Vid “Enuff”

ICECOLDBISHOP Joins KOAD For Rap Cypher Inspired Single Vid “Enuff”

ICECOLDBISHOP Joins KOAD For Rap Cypher Inspired Single Vid “Enuff”

KOAD – the rapper/singer/songwriter/producer known for his hard-to-miss eccentricity – will release his newest single “enuff” featuring fellow West Coast hip-hop artists ICECOLDBISHOP, JAHMED & Asha Imuno. The track is full of cathartic releases as KOAD repeatedly wails the lyrics, and the main theme, “just can’t get enough.” To accompany the single, KOAD is unveiling a new music video, which also stars the featured artists. This new release comes as a full-circle moment for KOAD, having looked up to ICECOLDBISHOP growing up

About KOADThe 19-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer KOAD has been making music in his parent’s garage in their home in the San Fernando Valley on a beat pad he got for Christmas since 2013 and in 2021 he will embark on a new journey as he releases “pots n’ pans” as the first creative project from KOGO, his community-centred art collective, and label.

KOAD is an uncontainable and frenetic creative force with ideas and energy seeping at his seams that latch onto any and all mediums that he comes across. Not only does his creativity manifest itself in his music, but also in the lyrics he scribbles on paper plates, in his partner and pet stuffed animal koala named Benjamin and the merch line he’s built around him, in his parents garage turned make-shift studio space filled with paintings he’s done, song titles scribbled effortlessly on the whiteboard and mood boards with visual references ranging from Jim Carrey’s The Mask to Captain Underpants children’s books that fill the walls.

In his music, his go-to outlet for his creativity, his unparalleled ability to propel narratives with his undeniably captivating production and songwriting that’s so uniquely his own has allowed him to inject pieces of himself into his work that make the two inseparable. KOAD is not just a person or creative, but an entirely immersive and evolving world that you can live in, consume and seek to understand.

His debut song, “pots n’ pans” is the first leap into his exploratory upcoming mixtape. The single is a raucous and raunchy salvo produced by Grammy winner Rahki (Kendrick Lamar, Eminem) with additional songwriting from KUČKA (ASAP Rocky, Flume), both of whom’s musical perspectives proved invaluable to KOAD’s creative process. The entire ethos of the song revolves around the concept of play and making noise – KOAD’s interpretation and choice of representation of childhood and youth.

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