Posted on October 19, 2021 at 3:11 am

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Five reasons why Karan Kundrra is the king of Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 has become one of the most entertaining seasons of all time owing to its enthusiastic contestants, strategic plannings, and intense drama.


Five Reasons Why Karan Kundrra Is The King Of Bigg Boss 15
Five Reasons Why Karan Kundrra Is The King Of Bigg Boss 15

While the show is garnering love from all across, Karan Kundrra is being hailed as the King of House. And, rightly so!


The star performer time and again has proved to be the winning material with his game plan. As we enjoy his presence in the House, here’s looking at five reasons why Karan Kundrra will bag the BB’15 trophy.


1) The Mastermind Theory


Ever since Karan Kundrra has entered the show, he has been the mastermind behind all the winning game strategies. He was the one to come up with the idea of splitting Gharwaasis to steal map pieces in the first place. It is because of his intelligence that everyone follows his lead.


2) One For The Team


While many get lost in their own game, Karan Kundrra never leaves the side of his team. NO MATTER WHAT! He has strong alliances with many in the House because of his loyalty and team spirit.


3) Never Give Up Attitude

Karan Kundrra never gives up! During a task last week, even though he knew his team would lose due to internal politics, he kept his game face on till the last moment.


4) Kill them with Composure


Bigg Boss is one place where anyone can lose their calm, but not Karan Kundrra. The actor has never really lost his cool, even in some of the most intense situations.


5) Entertainment Quotient


The ultimate aim of Bigg Boss is entertainment, and Karan Kundrra sure understands that. The host-actor makes sure to have fun with his teammates and give the audience a break to laugh.


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