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EXCLUSIVE: “Choosing the right music is equally important for Mental Health”, says Enbee

Enbee is a notable singer, rapper, lyricist and music director. He has been one of rising star in the music industry. Dabbling across countries, Enbee has performed at over 200+ live shows across the globe. He made his debut as a music director and singer for a film made for the ‘Beti Bachao’ campaign named ‘Run Bhoomi’.
EXCLUSIVE: "Choosing the right music is equally important for good Mental Health", says Enbee
EXCLUSIVE: “Choosing the right music is equally important for good Mental Health”, says Enbee
Then he composed and rapped for the song ‘Fashion Queen’ for the film ‘Ranchi Diaries’ produced by Anupam Kher production and the music was released on T-Series.
Born and raised in New Delhi, Nikhil has always been creatively inclined towards music. He is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist under the guidance of Ustad Tanveer Ahmad Khan. He also professionally plays the western piano.
In conversation with Urban Asian, Enbee opens up about his journey in the music industry, his evolution from Nickk to Enbee, about acting, future projects and more.
Here are some excerpts from the interview:

How has your journey been in the music industry?

Music was and is my first love. My sole purpose on this planet is to make music. Since a very young age, I must have been a 3-year-old. As a child when I first held the microphone, to my first lessons in classical singing at the age of 7 to becoming the lead singer of my school rock band to becoming the president of the music society of Hindu college. It’s been quite a journey and there’s so much more music. I still want to make and produce. The journey has been a long roller coaster ride in which I’m still waiting for the highest points which are yet to come.

How did you name evolved from Nikhil Budhraja (Nickk) to “Enbee”?

I was always known as Nickk as I released my debut album under that name back in 2011 but because of the downs in the roller coaster ride I had to change my name and pick a new one so what better than my initials N for Nikhil and B for Budhraja. So I chose to call myself ‘Enbee’ and here I am.

You have a great legacy ahead; coming from a renowned singing background, do you feel there is a sense of responsibility on your shoulder? How easy/difficult was it for you to make your mark in the industry?

I feel the journey has just begun for me and the music which I really want to create is yet to be heard by the world. So I’m waiting to make a mark in my way. I am looking forward to this journey and where it leads me.

We have come to know that you have recently signed a Zee Music deal for three music videos. Tell us something about it?

I’m lucky to be chosen by Zee Music as an artist amongst thousands of artists in India and I got the opportunity to make one full album of 6 songs with them. I’m very thankful to Zee music for also giving me big opportunities to be a part of films like ‘Veere di Wedding’, ‘Blank’ and few more.

Apart from being a musician, you are also a fantastic actor who made his cameo in Aashiqui 2. Is there any plan to act further?

Well, definitely to act in my own music videos. I have so much art to give not just in the form of audio but video as well. Since I direct, edit and post produce my music videos myself. I need to act them out as well to keep my vision intact. You will be seeing a lot of creative videos from my end in the near future.

Tell us about a track that is close to your heart and why?

My version of ‘Kinna Sona’ is definitely the closest to my heart. As it’s my ode to the late Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab. I have been listening to his music since a very young age and it has hugely impacted me and motivates me to create more.

If you get to choose between an Independent single and Bollywood track, what would it be and why?

As an artist I would never pick any one. I feel to be successful you need to be heard everywhere and in every form. Independent music for me is more about self expression and Bollywood for me is the best outlet of commercial music for the masses. So why pick one!

A message you would like to give to our readers.

Choose the music you listen to wisely. Music is food for the ears. If we eat bad food we get unwell so choosing the right music is equally important for good mental health.
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