Posted on October 27, 2021 at 11:36 pm

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Bigg Boss 15: Umar Riaz gives a befitting reply to Shamita Shetty

The task and turns taking place in the Bigg Boss 15  house seems to be never ending.

Umar Riaz gives a befitting reply to Shamita Shetty
Umar Riaz gives a befitting reply to Shamita Shetty


As the changes in the equations are clearly visible it is hard to decide for the viewers. The one who to support with the contestants putting maximum efforts.

One such player in the show who is considered to be one of the strongest in the house is Umar Riaz.


Umar best known for his profession and his stardom outside is seen winning hearts by giving his 100% in the show.

Task, planning, entertaining, emotions when it comes to expressing the above Umar has never disappointed his fans.


Nevertheless in a recent captaincy task allocated by Bigg Boss. Umar was seen being tortured by a number of contestants, when it was his turn.


The star was seen performing the task, trying to make a competitor quite. Seems like this didn’t go well with sanchalak Shamita Shetty who suspended Riaz to perform the task.

She was seen not letting Umar play throughout the task, threatening to disqualify his team to which Umar gave it back by saying, “do not point finger at me. You are not bigg boss, this is very unfair”


The fans were also seen expressing their disappointment with Karan Kundra. He claimed to be Umar Riaz’s friend turn his foe in the task.

House mates were seen revolting against her decision more over the Twitterati too. It came out in support of the later calling him a lone warrior and slamming Shetty for her biased decision.

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