Posted on September 17, 2021 at 12:53 pm

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Neha Bhasin speaks about her idol Michael Jackson – Read On!

Neha Bhasin who is one of the contestants from the Big Boss OTT has been trending since day one. She has been in the news every single day. From leaving her connection to her quirky responses to things.


Neha Bhasin speaks about her idol Michael Jackson
Neha Bhasin speaks about her idol Michael Jackson


Not only that Neha is always known for her style statement. Her different hairstyles and hair highlights have been loved most fashionista’s.


In today’s episode of Big Boss OTT, we saw she having a conversation with her fellow housemate about her love for this pop sensation. Late Singer Michael Jackson created a major impact on Neha Bhasin while she was pursuing her singing career.


Neha Bhasin revealed that Michael Jackson is her role model. She mentioned on her conversation by saying, “I grew up watching him and hence I like the way these big stars got dressed.”


Neha has been one of the most outgoing contestants in terms of her dressing style and her fashion sense. Michael Jackson was not only known for his singing but was always known for his style statement. The legendary singer died a few years ago but has left his mark across many people in the world.


Surely Neha has been successfully following her role model’s footpaths in terms of her looks and her passion for singing.


Truly Neha has impressed everyone not only with her way of playing the game but also with the way she carries herself!

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